Offshore Operations

Moveable Aircraft Base

Quickly Deployable, Expandable, Customizeable and Flexible Hangars for Offshore Operations.

Fabspace Hangars offers a new solution for aircraft and helicopters storage: modular, mobile and hyperfunctional.

Recommended Hangar

Whether medium helicopters such as the AW 139 or larger helicopters such as the S-92, Fabspace has hangers that are suitable: models V-02 and V_03.

Of course, we adapt the indoor environment in the hangar to the customer’s requirements and thereby enable the hangar to also be used for maintenance, office space, etc.

The ability to move FabSpace hangars makes them outstanding options for temporary bases.

Hangar V_02

Our V_02 version is designed to accomodate most light to medium sized helicopters and small airplanes (see examples). Examples: H125,…
€ 237.000,-

Hangar V_03

The V_03 is the perfect hangar solution for medium and big helicopters and small business jets.

€ 399.000,-

Why choose Fabspace Hangar?

We offer hyperfunctional hangars to tackle the challenging requirements in aircraft hangarization for Offshore Operations.

Hyperfunctional Design

All Fabspace Hangars are based on the idea of a mobile and hyper functional hangar system as a modular concept. Alltough we offer standardized Hangar products, our individually engineered Hangars fit aircrafts of any size.

Reliable & Durable Construction

Designed to withstand the elements, our hangars offer a reliable base for your equipment and personnel. Using special textile facilitates a simple, yet sturdy structure which is easy to assemble, disassemble and store. It meets the highest quality standards as well as unmatched aesthetical principles.

By combining a lightweight frame construction and a textile membrane skin, Fabspace is an exceptional protective covering for all types of aircraft and can serve many other uses on demand.

Temporary Aircraft Base

The ability to move Fabspace Hangars from one place to the other within days makes them outstanding options for temporary bases.

Rapid Deployment

Our hangars can be assembled in as little as 5 days, ensuring your operations are up and running in no time.

Hangar Features

Built-in best-in-class features in all our hangar solutions.

Robust as Built Hangars

Snow load up to 250 kg/m², wind speeds up to 250 km/h, protection from heavy rain and hail, earthquake-proof. Designed for extreme conditions.

Fast De- & Install

Smallest hangars installed in just 4 days. Assembly and disassembly anytime by your trained team (or Fabspace Hangars).

Extremly Mobile

Cost-effective storage and transport in 20- or 40-foot containers, with lightweight steel construction.

Shortest Production Time on Market

6-8 weeks on average for standard models. 3-4 months for custom mobile hangars.

Movable Aircraft Base

Fabspace Hangars are assembled within a couple of days.

See how quickly a durable but flexible hangar gets installed at our customer site in Europe.

Get your Fabspace Hangar –
From order to installation in 3 months

Discovery Call

In a first step we will provide you the chance to ask all open questions and clarify some details.

Requirements Analysis

In the next step we will discover and analyse your requirements in order to create a hangar solution that perfectly fits your needs.


We will then provide you an indicative offer. Based on this you can allocate the budget and order your hangar.

Manufacturing & Setup

Once we have received the downpayment, we will start with the manufacturing process. In a short period of 3 months the hangar will be produced, shipped and installed at your site.

Delivered Hangar Projects

Some of our latest and greates Hangar Projects.

See What People Are Saying

Fabspace Hangars were extremely helpful throughout the design and build of our new hangar. With the helicopter now closer to our operations building we have improved the service we can provide to patients by being available longer.

Alan Ward
Aviation Advisor

Fabspace Hangars were extremely helpful in the design, planning and build of our hangar. They overcame many obstacles during the Covid lockdown to deliver the hangar оп time and оп budget. The result is а hangar situated next to our operations building that is perfectly suited to our needs and has helped to improve our HEMS service Ьу increasing aircraft availaЬility. The innovative hangar design gives us all we need to store and maintain our Н 145D3 aircraft in а brightly lit and spacious environment. lt has drawn many favouraЫe comments from other air operators, and we are proud of our new hangar that would Ье ideal for other HEMS organisations anywhere in the world.

Alan Ward
Aviation Advisor

Ready for your hangar?

Got questions?
Well, we’ve got answers

Yes, depending on the duration and type of use, we customize the hangar to meet our customers‘ needs.

Basically, every hangar is designed so that it can be dismantled and reassembled.

Our hangars are flexible and can be erected on any surface. We don’t tell our customers what they must build; instead, we ask them what they have and then adapt to the circumstances.

We are quite fast. Production times range from 1 month for the smallest model to up to 6 months for the largest.

Assembly can be completed in as little as 5 days (of course always depending on the concrete hangar model).

It highly depends on the model and your custom requirements.

The cheapest hangar solution starts at € 137.000,-. 

A complete list of all prices (ROM) can ber found in our Download section.

Yes, it depends on the conditions.

Yes, insulation can be added. Ask our Sales team for more details.

Yes, service operations can be conducted inside the hangar. For special requirements we even offer additional space options to fit all your equipment and staff.

Yes, a crane can be integrated into the hangar design.

Yes, various types and systems of heating or air conditioning can be installed.

Yes, PV modules can be incorporated. Ask our Sales team for more details and options.

Yes, this is possible depending on the hangar model.

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