Hyperfunctional Hangars for

Private Owners

Elevate Your Aircraft Storage –
Tailored Hangar Solutions for Private Owners

Discover the perfect blend of design, durability, and flexibility with our hyperfunctional hangar models.

Discover the future of aircraft accommodation

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Why Choose Fabspace?

Customizable Solutions

Design your ideal hangar. From size adjustments to aesthetic touches like putting your logo on the outside, make it uniquely yours.

Quick Assembly & Mobility

Time is precious. Our hangars promise swift assembly and easy relocation, matching your dynamic lifestyle. A Fabspace Hangar is a lifetime investment that follows you wherever you are.

Robust Protection

Your loved assets require best protection. Weather or not, your prized aircraft is safeguarded against the elements, offering peace of mind year-round.

Hangar Models

Hangar V_01/V_01+

Our V_01 is especially designed for small airplanes and ULs. Examples: DA40, Commander 114, Cessna 172, PA-28, Robinson R22, R44, R66. Equipped with an electrical moving membrane door (door width 11.9/14.9 / door height 3.2/3.5 m).

€ 135.000,-

Hangar V_02

Our V_02 version is designed to accomodate most light to medium sized helicopters and small airplanes (see examples). Examples: H125,…
€ 237.000,-

Hangar V_03

The V_03 is the perfect hangar solution for medium and big helicopters and small business jets.

€ 399.000,-

Hangar Features

Built-in best-in-class features in all our hangar solutions.

Lightweight Steel Construction
Short Delivery Time

6-8 weeks on average

Easy Handling in 20/40″ Container
Fast De- & Install

Smallest hangar under ideal conditions up and functional in 1 day

Snow Load up to 250 kg/m2
Windspeed up to 250 km/h
Heavy Rain & Hail Protection
Earthquake Proof

Installed in a couple of days

Our hyperfunctional hangar solutions are assembled within a couple of days. See how quickly a durable but flexible hangar solutions gets installed at our customer site in Europe.

Your new hangar: from order to installation in under 3 months

Discovery Call

In a first step we will provide you the chance to ask all open questions and clarify some details.

Requirements Analysis

In the next step we will discover and analyse your requirements in order to create a hangar solution that perfectly fits your needs.


We will then provide you an indicative offer. Based on this you can allocate the budget and order your hangar.

Manufacturing & Setup

Once we have received the downpayment, we will start with the manufacturing process. In a short period of 3 months the hangar will be produced, shipped and installed at your site.

See What People Are Saying

Opting for the V_03 model was the best decision for my collection of vintage planes.

Sarah Lanzinger
Owner of an Interior design office

The V_02 was a game-changer for my helicopter storage needs. It is even possible to relocate the hangar to a different place in case I need it.

Michael Hans-Loher
Managing Director (company for individual software development)

Ready for your hangar?

Got questions?
Well, we’ve got answers

Yes, depending on the duration and type of use, we customize the hangar to meet our customers‘ needs.

Basically, every hangar is designed so that it can be dismantled and reassembled.

Our hangars are flexible and can be erected on any surface. We don’t tell our customers what they must build; instead, we ask them what they have and then adapt to the circumstances.

We are quite fast. Production times range from 1 month for the smallest model to up to 6 months for the largest.

Assembly can be completed in as little as 5 days (of course always depending on the concrete hangar model).

It highly depends on the model and your custom requirements.

The cheapest hangar solution starts at € 137.000,-. 

A complete list of all prices (ROM) can ber found in our Download section.

Yes, it depends on the conditions.

Yes, insulation can be added. Ask our Sales team for more details.

Yes, service operations can be conducted inside the hangar. For special requirements we even offer additional space options to fit all your equipment and staff.

Yes, a crane can be integrated into the hangar design.

Yes, various types and systems of heating or air conditioning can be installed.

Yes, PV modules can be incorporated. Ask our Sales team for more details and options.

Yes, this is possible depending on the hangar model.

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